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Sefer ha Sitra Achra by A. D. Mercer

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The Sitra Achra is most often directly linked to the other ‘dark side’ of Hebraic mysticism, the Qlippoth. However, these two concepts are, quite simply, not the same thing.

Indeed, Sitra Achra predates the Qlippoth by a significant number of years and is hinted at in some of the oldest mystical texts. However, the Sitra Achra has increasingly become the purview of the modern Left Hand Path, and, while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it has meant that the Sitra Achra has been presented from a rather narrow perspective, focusing mainly on what might be considered as its darker meaning and thus making it appear to be little more than the mystical home of diabolical sinister forces.

However, the Sitra Achra is a far more complex and intriguing subject than the mere ‘abode of demons’ that it has predominantly been portrayed as.

Sefer ha Sitra Achra examines the earliest texts that expound the nature of the Sitra Achra, examining texts written circa the 12th to 13th centuries that are contemporary to the most famous of mystical Jewish texts, ‘The Zohar’. As well as other important mystical texts composed within the same timeframe. Authors whom the great Kabbalistic scholar Gershom Scholem referred to as the ‘Gnostics of Castile’ and the “Circle of Geona”

As well as establishing the history and philosophy of the Sitra Achra, Sefer ha Sitra Achra offers powerful and highly effective magical practices to enable the practitioner to truly explore the deepest depths of the Chambers of Hell.

Available in three formats 

Standard Hardback £50 - limited to 250 copies. 192 pages. Royal format - case binding with gold foil blocking to cover & spine, deep red endpapers, with red and black head and tail bands. Printed on 90gsm paper, stitched with full-colour dust jacket.
These will be numbered but unsigned

Special Edition £120 : Limited to 50 copies. 192 pages Royal format - bound in Wintan* leather.  Gold foil blocking to cover & spine, deep red endpapers, with red and black head and tail bands., Printed on 90gsm paper, stitched. With Black a slipcase.
Each copy will contain a signed and numbered bookplate uniquely designed for the book. 
                                                Please not - NOW SOLD OUT

Artisan Edition 
Limited to 10 copies same design as the Special, but with had made leather outer wrap,
blind stamped with Sitra Achra sigil and Ninth Circle Press emblem.
The wraparound will also be magically consecrated.
The book will be numbered and signed.
(The colour and type of leather will vary with each copy thus making each copy unique)
This edition is only available to subscribers

Sefer ha Sitra Achra - Contents


BOOK ONE - The Qliphoth and the Sitra Achra

The Qliphoth Unveiled? - The Kabbalah's Dark Mirror

The Chambers of the Garden of Eden - The Kabbalah of the Zohar

The Treatise of the Left Side - An Alternate Kabbalah

Isaac Ha Kohen - The First Averse Emanations

Samael, Lilith and the Hierarchies of Evil - Samael according to the Zohar and the Treatise on the Left Emanation

The First Glimpse of Darkness in the Zohar - The Initial allusions to the Other Side

‘He Killed the Lion in Full Sight of the Other Side’ - References to the Sitra Achra in the early books of the Zohar

BeReshit ha Sitra Achra - The book of Genesis and the Sitra Achra

BOOK TWO - The Palaces of the Other Side

Sefer Heikhalot Sitra Achra - The Palaces of the Other Side

The Ritual of Descent - Spiritual Visions of the Heikhalot Sitra Achra

In Search of the Black Serpent - The Origins of the Modern Qliphoth

Conclusion - Conflicting Evil - the Qliphoth and the Sitra Achra

*Wintan leather is 85% recycled leather 

PLEASE NOTE Orders are restricted to a maximum of three (3) copies. 
Larger orders that have not been pre arranged will be cancelled and refunded

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